Page 8 - Fat Burning Fingerprint (Gary Watson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 8

You see, in the emergency room the doctors
                           discovered a “mysterious metabolic glitch”

                           that was plugging up her arteries and clogging
                           her liver...

                           Which led to abnormal fat storage around her belly
                           because her digestive system wasn’t absorbing the

                           nutrients it needs to function from her food...

                           It turns out this hidden condition affects millions

                           of women and men over 40 around the world
                           with most people never knowing...

       Especially if your body likes to store fat

                                           in your belly!

                 So if you’re struggling to lose weight, and nothing seems to

                 change no matter how hard you try...

                 Or maybe your energy isn’t where you’d like it to be...

                 Leaving you feeling sluggish and moody when you have no idea
                 why...Then this metabolic glitch just above your belly may be

                 the reason why.

                 And in just a minute, I’ll also tell you

                                                    about 2
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