Page 7 - Fat Burning Fingerprint (Gary Watson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 7

And what happened next was even

                                             more incredible...

                   Geri’s husband immediately noticed the vibrant and youthful

                   glow which turned their sex life around and made him fall deeply in
                   love with her all over again... Her energy was off the charts and she

                   no longer struggled to get out of bed in the morning...

                   However, the scary truth is...Geri almost didn’t make it.

                   In fact, she almost died right in front of her two little girls after
                   dropping them off for soccer practice one sunny afternoo...

                   Slumped over her steering wheel on the verge of a sudden heart

                   attack that she never saw coming...

                   As her two little girls looked on in agony...

                   Terrified they’d lose their mommy for good.

                   All because she had too much deadly belly fat acting like a ticking

                   time bomb in her stomach.
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