Page 5 - Fat Burning Fingerprint (Gary Watson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 5

All from eating this ONE fat-flushing fruit AFTER 8 pm every

                   Now, the reason this works so well is because it contains a
                   chemical compound called “oleic acid”...

                   Which is flooded with “fat-melting molecules” that increase fat-
                   burning at the genetic level to jumpstart your weight loss...

                   And it helps reduce blood pressure, while eliminating inflammation
                   in your belly so your body can finally start burning fat again.

                   What most people don’t know is that this all-natural belly-
                   slimming substance is made up of potent antioxidants that help

                   slow down aging and prevent premature wrinkles.

                   So not only do you lose weight quickly...

                   You naturally look younger because your smooth skin now has a

                   vibrant glow that was never there before.

                   And it works even BETTER the older you are.

                   The problem is, most people pass right by it at the grocery store...

                   Even though it’s the most powerful fat-burner on the planet.

                   It melts fat FASTER than eating more green vegetable...
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