Page 4 - Fat Burning Fingerprint (Gary Watson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 4

Even doctors are finally starting to catch on to the bedtime belly-
                   burning benefits of this little-known late night snack...

                Most important of all… It helped save

                                         the life of Geri…

                          And it led to the discovery of an exotic

                          fat-burning fruit and a 3-Minute

                          Morning Ritual so crazy and so

                          That transformed Geri, an overweight

                          46-year-old mother of 2 with heart

                          disease, chronic fatigue, and high
                          blood pressure on the verge of life

                          threatening open heart surgery...

                          To miraculously lose two and a half

                          pounds of frustrating belly fat in just 3

                          Then she quickly lost another 17 pounds of
                          fat after that...

                          And in less than 3 months, she lost 61
                          pounds and completely reversed her

                          symptoms of type 2 diabetes, heart
                          disease, and chronic fatigue...

                          That’s right, 17 pounds in just 3
                          weeks and 61 pounds in less than

                          three months...
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