Page 15 - Fat Burning Fingerprint (Gary Watson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 15

And while my kind-hearted sister fell victim to all
                           these gimmicks and late night infomercials that

                           seemed too good to be true...

                                   The real problem was

                                    she didn’t realize the

                                  Death-like Side Effects

                                  that come with having
                                                Belly Fat...

                   If you have even just a few extra pounds of fat around your belly,

                   you’re at a much higher risk for a host of horrible diseases like:

                                 Heart hypertension

                                 High blood pressure

                                 Heart disease

                                 Chronic fatigue


                                 Type 2 Diabetes

                   And the “mysterious metabolic glitch” clogging your arteries and
                   suffocating your liver most people don’t even know they have...

                   That’s why it’s so important that you listen to Geri’s story to the
                   very end because her miraculous fat-burning breakthrough can not

                   only save your life...

                   But the lives of your parents, your children, and the people you love

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